Monday, 7 October 2013

Pretty Sweet Little tool - Pocket Wrench by Krench

I'm the type of guy who always wants to be prepared so i am always on the lookout for manly things that can convince others i am not a little bitch, even though the reality is i am. It's probably why i over-compensate with a giant beard, and owning enough pocket knives to border on creepy. 

In my internet trolling, i have been pointed in the direction of a cool little tool that would look great on my leather lanyard (that has aged to perfection) from DamYak  and its the Krench or Keychain Wrench that is part of a kickstarter by Brett & Christi Fischer who have another cool idea under their belt, the Screwpop Screwdriver.

Anyway this new tool has quite a few little items on it that make pretending to be a man a little easier when you need it. It has:

  • mini prybar
  • flathead screwdriver #2
  • bottle & tin can opener
  • scraper
  • ruler
  • ¼” socket driver
  • both SAE and Metric

Not bad for one tool in your keychain. As it is a kickstarter, they (and i) need a little help to make sure it gets made so that we can all get one and impress the crowds as you produce this little gem in the right dire straits. Click on the below link and get'er going:

Thanks all!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sweatshirts - Crew Neck

Why is it so hard to find a good sweatshirt??? I am not talking a hoodie, or zip up hoodie or a shirt with a wolf howling at the moon. I mean a good, ole' fashioned crew neck sweatshirt. In grey cotton, with no logos on it and no material mixing of cashmere, or spandex or any other man made materials.

This is an item that we should all have in our wardrobe but so few of us actually do. Sadly our closets are littered with Under Armor,  Nike or worse American Eagle sweatshirts that we wear to do chores or lay about. But this piece can actually be worn with some dignity and style if done correctly, with fit and layers in mind.

I miss my high school days where i owned 4 Champion crew necks sweatshirts that i basically rotated through, with my Adidas shell toes and jeans that had to be 4 inches too big so they looked baggy enough (i thought i was a West Coast rapper and part of Tha Liks for basically all of that time). But since those days (and shape) are long gone, we have to look forward to dressing for now and backward for inspiration.

Steve McQueen, arguably one of the manliest men to hit the screen, was a big fan of the grey crew neck. He'd rock it with jeans or khakis and still look like a bawse. So why not emulate a guy who can split wood with a karate chop or just by staring at it.....AND escaped a Nazi POW camp....

If you're looking, here are some recommendations:

Wings + Horns - a higher end Canadian company that makes great clothes and kills it in the fashion industry

           Dickies - classic men's workwear that will take the beating of raking the leaves, and would look great with a collared gingham shirt underneath.

          Levi's - American icon making another icon. What could go wrong here? Nothing.

American Apparel -  if you can get past the douchebag running the company, this is a decent addition to your wardrobe.

And finally, as i was writing this and checking my instagram, I got the greatest news i have seen in the past twenty minutes...Tellason (my favourite denim company for those keeping track) just announced they will be releasing their very own grey crewneck cut and sewn in San Francisco from 26 oz fleece milled in LA. iF IT WAS EVER OK TO GET A BONER OVER CLOTHES NEWS, I DID IT. I will be buying this the very moment it hits their site.

There are obviously a few others that i didn't mention and some amazing smaller labels that produce house brands that would fit the bill. I encourage you to look for yourself and add this staple to your wardrobe as it looks good in casual and dress situations.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cardigans - The Go To Sweater

I know this is not "season-relevant" as the temperature warms up for trips to the cottage or waiting in line at the amusement park for 3 hours to enjoy 35 seconds a bone rattling fun, but it's a staple in a man's wardrobe that should not be overlooked. The cardigan sweater.

Often conjuring images of Mr. Rogers ramming his hand up a puppet's ass or Weezer looking emo-chic, this piece of iconic clothing should exist in every man's closet and should take on the image of Thor getting ready ready to hit the dinner club or better yet The Keg.

It's recommended that you have at least two of these in a grey and/or a black or navy blue at the very least. You can rock them with jeans and a tee to a social event or throw it on with a suit and tie to look more sophistimicated like Mr. Beckham below. You will not look this good but at least you're voice won't sound like a pixie's. Trophy stick figure wife not included.

*photo credit to

I recommend you start with a flat, v-neck type sweater or two, then build from there. While some labels have released a cotton version of the cardigan, i would probably stick to 100% wool. Cashmere is better if you have the money, but not really required. Fit is again key here. It should be fitted but still allow you room to move. Like a suit, you should be able to throw a baseball in it. It should hit you just below the waist and don't fasten the bottom button. Pockets or not is really up to you, but if it's a thinner, finer wool, I would avoid pockets as they just look flimsy. Suited up, or casual, this piece looks dapper and more liek a grown up than a frat boy.

Once you have the staple cardigans (grey and blue with a flat collar), then branch out and grab yourself a nice shawl collar. Shawl collar is a little chunkier and can be used as a layer at anytime except summer as the gauge of the wool is usually greater than a standard cardigan and will cause you to sweat like hooker in church.  This can be fastened with buttons or a wool tie, or even toggles. Totally up to you. I currently use one as a layer of my winter coat package (Barbour Bedale shell and Merino wool cardigan) or when i am zipping out to grab something but don't want to throw the parka on. One day i will have the money and balls to buy this Brooklyn Circus Cardigan, but right now, my wife would kick the shit out of me for dropping this on a sweater so i'll wait till she wises up and dumps me, and i will date this sweater.

Regardless of what i pine after, you should make sure you own a couple sweaters as layering is the best way to keep warm and look good doing it. An added bonus is it will hide your expanding beer a point....

Brooklyn Circus - you will be mine.....

Monday, 27 May 2013

Review from a customer - Village Cigar Company

If you have a minute, read this blog post by one of the regulars at Village Cigar Company about the last vestige of manliness is this homogeneous world. It is eloquently worded and ties in perfectly with this blog seamlessly. Listen to the words of this man below.....

Friday, 24 May 2013

Perfect website for guys basics

I just came across a website that sells all the great basics and the prices are incredible. Check out for great oxfords, sweatshirts and tees...... And your weekender bag that I was stressing you add to your stable. You're buying one right????!!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fellas - Help out your lady, please

I'm likely going to come off like a catty bitch here, but why is it some of the fairer sex, with all their options and innate skills from playing dress up when they were kids, still rock some pretty questionable threads?

I get that women dress for the moods they're in, or according to their misguided perception of themselves on that particular day, but how do white, platform flip flops come into the equation? Just like we need a woman's opinion on what to wear, it's clear that we need to step up and help them out so they don't leave the house looking like they're going to their shift at the Downer. Stop being a bitch and scared of what she'll say if you're actually honest with her. I'm not saying respond with "it's the three desserts you had last night that make your ass look fat, not those jeans", but guide her gently with "you know which jeans look great on you, these Fidelity ones because they make you look like a woman and not a rake". If they have bedazzling on the ass, just accidentally use them to wash up after you change the winter tires out. I don't give a shit if they're from Victoria Beckham's line and cost $200, bedazzling SUCKS.

If she's over 35, it's time to eliminate those mini and micro skirts from the wardrobe and dress more classically, because no amount of yoga will make her stems look like they did when she was 20, even if she still has great legs. At the same time, take any of her track pants that are boner-killers or have writing on the ass and toss them, because "Juicy" or "Roots" are for the younger generation and shouldn't read "ROOOOOOOTS".

Got something a little more formal to go to? If she reaches for the red lycra dress that only has one over the shoulder strap, maybe interject and guide her towards something a little more classic and less Sirens sale rack. If your girl has a great body and likes to show it off, that's great, but they're ways to do it without looking like the bathroom is a viable option for BJ's. Attention is great for the ego, but sometimes the attention can be negative and embarrassing for all involved. (We've all looked at that one girl at a wedding and thought "What the fuck??!!")

Now i'm not saying learn all the brands and designers and latest trends for woman, but you know what you like on her and what complements her natural beauty so don't be afraid to say no to those giant hoop earrings.  If she has clear high heels in her wardrobe,....i don't need to finish that right?

So go shopping with her. It may be a marathon, but at least you can provide a little input. There's no question we need them more when it comes to clothes but they definitely need us to be honest with them, so sack up....

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Travelling Man - Carry-On

You know what? Your JanSport or Nike backpack that you used in high school are awesome. It makes it easy to pick out the Nickelback fans who will be wearing the free beer case t-shirt while they're on vacation (sleeves removed post-purchase obviously). It also tells me that your Tevas have seen better days and your white seashell necklace is ready to flow free for the next week while you piss in the pool and cerveza overflows your Bubba mug you got from Canadian Tire. Got the mental picture? Good.

Carry-on luggage is really the only piece of luggage you should own that some thought and care went into selecting. If you're travelling for business or pleasure, it can project a little bit of class and sophistication and let's be honest with ourselves, we want to look more important than we are when we're travelling.

Since it won't really ever leave your care, you can splurge a tiny bit on this piece and get something with some personality. It can be a backpack, a duffel, a carry-all, a weekender or whatever other name the people in marketing came up with to get you to think you need more than the one piece.

Here's what i look for when buying a bag:

  • Quality above all. Buying a bag from Ben Sherman or another company that has its hands in a thousand different lines doesn't always mean they know what they're doing. The likely farm out the production of the bag to China and slap their name on it.
  • Buy it from a luggage company. You want the brand that you invest in to be known for MAKING LUGGAGE! Not clothing, not cars, not earphones. I know this is similar to the above point, but it's super important.
  • This day in age, make sure it has a separate compartment for your laptop. Who doesn't travel with at least a kobo right? So make sure it's protected.
  • Make sure it's big enough to carry at least one outfit and one book, along with your travel documents. If the airline loses your luggage, you want access to something other than what you flew/trained in.
  • and obviously, make sure it fits within the FAA regulations. Having them confiscate your bag and and subjecting to the undercarriage of the flying pterodactyl will not help the longevity of your investment

I personally have both a backpack and a weekender but that's only thanks to the generosity of a good pal (thanks Jerry). I purchased this mid range Cutter and Buck bag a couple years ago and it's served me well. And i was able to grab a Herschel 'Little America' Rucksack from my friend who knows a person or two in the retail industry. As you'll notice, i stick to canvas and leather for all my bags, but that doesn't mean you can't rock out a Louis Vuitton Black and Grey Carry-all and look like you're in a Rick Ross video (so gangsta). If you don't fly commercial, eat shit.

If you travel for work, and need to take suits with you, I highly recommend the OGIO Dapper Duffel bag. I use it for two or three day trips and it holds EVERYTHING while folding into a duffel so you don't look like the douche with the square toed shoes, over sized golf shirt, and garment bag who brags about waiting in the Platinum lunge before the flight because he's racked up so many air miles. It's not a flashy bag, but man it is awesome. It even holds shoes and there's a spot for your toiletries.

There are seriously hundreds of choices out there that look great and get the job done. I can't steer you in any specific direction other than away from your current GlobeTrotter satchel. Your carry-on is just another facet of your style and what you want to tell the world about yourself, so make sure it says " i deserve to be here" and not "I'm from east of Peterborough".